Customer Testimonials

Peter Billingham - CIS CV

"As Exec Director of a Global charity establishing a new regional office in Kiev, Ukraine, I needed an events manager to organise the launch of the project. Working across cultures, languages and needing to bring to the city 60+ delegates from across the globe, it required someone with attention to detail, a commitment to excellence and the ability to manage a range of disciplines to bring the project together on time and budget. I found that person in Laura Stroud. Laura was never daunted by any obstacles, challenges or setbacks in her enthusiasm to create a professional event. Every part of the launch event was handled professionally and with quality. She brings unique creativity and originality to her events. The little touches here and there, sometimes not visible, but each one is making the event feel novel, individual and of extraordinary quality. She acts professionally in every aspect of her role, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an events manager."

Briony Bagge - Zibrant

"I worked with Laura for an Ernst & Young Partners' conference in Paris over three days, accommodating 3000 delegates. Laura was professional throughout and completed all duties to a high standard and with enthusiasm. I sincerely hope I get the chance to work with Laura again in the future and would happily recommend her for future roles."

Tabby Kerwin - Mode For Events...

Laura is an absolute delight to work with. She has an intense eye for detail and has usually got a job in-hand before anyone realised the job needed doing! She is fun, warm and friendly with a winning smile that clients and colleagues immediately warm to. There is no-one I trust more to work with and that has been the feeling sine I first met  Laura. She is guaranteed to make every event sparkle and be totally relaxed.

Terry Bennett - Christian Vision

"At very short notice, Laura stepped in to lead and mange the launch of our Russian service in Kiev, Ukraine. The previous supplier left us high and dry, but Laura, without hesitation, stepped in to the breach. She performed the task with outstanding quality and timeliness, was very creative, bringing some wonderful touches to the event. She has unlimited determination and energy and will inevitably succeed in whatever venture she undertakes."