Hargate Hall Weddings

Are you getting married at Hargate Hall? We can help your DIY wedding run perfectly. 

We offer a 10% discount on our DIY wedding packages for all couples getting married at Hargate Hall.   

WE love weddings at Hargate

Reasons to get married at Hargate...

We love DIY weddings at Hargate Hall because you have so much FREEDOM and CONTROL. Weddings at Hargate are exactly how DIY weddings should be. 

  • No set supplier list.
  • No curfew or wedding shut down time.
  • 77 beds for all of your best friends and close family members to stay over and turn your wedding into a weekend party. 
  • Friendly  and supportive owners.
  • Beautiful gardens and great photo opportunities. 
  • No corkage fees!

With so many great opportunities and so much freedom, sometimes it can be overwhelming to manage all of your suppliers and keep calm on your wedding day. 

Are you worried about being able to relax on your big day?

  • Who's going to meet your photographer? 
  • Or show the band where to set up?
  • What about the schedule for the day
  • Who's going to make sure everything runs on time? 
  • What if something goes wrong? 
  • Who's going to step in and trouble shoot?

We can help! We look after all of these things as part of our on the day coordination package. 

We are NOT wedding planners. We know you've chosen Hargate Hall because you want freedom and control. We don't take that away from, we discreetly provide 'on the day' coordination.  Managing your wedding day so you can sit back and relax, knowing all your hard work and plans are in safe hands. 

Let us help bring the wedding of your dreams to life!

We've worked on so many weddings  at Hargate Hall.  We make sure your day runs smoothly. Allowing you to sit back and soak up all the joy of your hard work. You’ve spent months planning your wedding day, don’t it by spending every minute worrying. We work behind the scenes, so you don’t have too.